Sunday, May 31, 2009

7 things we wish we knew (when starting out)...

Sometimes we wish we could go back 7 years ago when we first started Internet marketing, and implement the things we know now.

It is all part of the learning curve, but some things we had to learn the hard way, some things cost us more money than they should have, and some things were not all that apparent until they actually smacked us right in the face!

Anyways, today we are going to give you a list of the top 7 things we WISH we knew when starting out. We are writing this in hopes that it will help you out as well.

Here we go...

Wish #1: Money is INfinite, Time is Finite

People spend billions of dollars every year online. Internet marketers make a good portion of this...and it has not nearly been tapped out to its full potential.

There are infinite ways to earn revenue from the Internet, but as you gain more experience, you find out that time is your biggest constraint. You learn how to outsource, become more efficient with research, create campaigns quicker, and create processes for your work flow to streamline your activities.

As experienced marketers we can tell you that you reach a point where money is not what holds you back, rather time.

Wish #2: Competition Doesn't Matter


The major concern for most new marketers is competition. The automatic assumption is that because other people are doing it, there must not be enough room for you to enter the market.

That is false and this ties into Wish #1.

Opportunity is INFINITE online...and sure, competition is there, but if you get proper training, then there is no such thing as competition.

Don't let yourself become your worst enemy!

Wish #3: Keep Things Relevant and Success Will Follow

Sometimes you find yourself thinking of a market as just that, a market. However, a market is an audience...and the people behind that audience are your buyers. If you cannot target these people with absolute relevance, why would they want to buy from you.

In other words, if you promote a dog house to someone with a cat, you are not going to make a lot of money. However, if this person owns a dog that lives outside but needs to keep warm, then you have a huge business. This relevance is what leads to success in or offline.

Wish #4: It is NOT About the Niche

Hey, what if we told you that you could earn a living within any niche. Whether it is remote control cars, dog training, playing the piano, internet marketing, or green energy...

We would not be lying. There is money to be made within any niche. As long as you follow one simple rule. Be RELEVANT. We touched on this above and we elaborate on it a great deal within MONEY MAKING WEBSITE)

Anyone that is relevant is a great marketer. We have members that make money within pretty much any niche you can imagine. There is not some secret niche that the top marketers are promoting, there is method to all this insanity!

Wish #5: Building a List

If you have not heard of email marketing, this is something you should pay attention to. If we started out 7 years ago building mailing lists, we would have absolutely massive lists by now (in the millions).

Having a mailing list (like the one you are on with money
making sites) gives you the ability to contact people more than once. This differs from almost any form of marketing you can image. Think of TV, you only see a commercial once. This is typically not enough time to make the decision to buy something and unless you see that ad again, you probably forget about it.

With email marketing, you can have continual contact which does lead to higher conversions. For example, over time you may be more inclined to sign-up to money making sites
as you learn more about us and learn that we are an honest company that helps people succeed. That is our job through our email marketing... to build this relationship with you.

Wish #6: Design Does NOT Matter

We used to stress over design. How pretty are our graphics? How does our web page look? Are we using the right font? Are people going to like our colors?

By the time you are done building your web page you have stressed yourself out. If we knew what we do know THEN, we would have understood that people are more concerned with relevant content than how pretty your website is. Pretty websites with poor content don't convert. Ugly websites with good content convert (so do pretty sites with good content as well)!

Quality, relevant content leads to success...not some silly graphic that you spent hours creating!

Does our site have good content? You be the judge?

Wish #7: Training Facilitates SPEEDY Success

Here it comes...our shameless plug. Sign-up to money making Now (just kidding)!! But seriously, if we had training back when we started out...rather than trying to fight the dragons with a water gun, then we would have experienced success much quicker and we wouldn't have made some of the expensive mistakes we have made over the years.

Speed up YOUR success with MONEY MAKING WEBSITE)

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