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Please see the question and their answers which I have asked to the admin of

Website ranking# 52,859
Visitors per day# 9,873 visitors per day

Q1) what type of business it is? EXPLAIN IT CLEARLY. WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO EARN MONEY? What types of product do you have? Product lists to promote /sell? DO I NEED A HOSTING ACCOUNT TO START YOUR BUSINESS?

A) The products and goods that we feature in your website are ones that are paying the HIGHEST commissions and are CONVERTING the best right now. Some are in the debt help arena and pay you up to $450 per signup. Others are in the make money online that pay you up to 75% commissions. And others pay you per lead up to $15 per lead. Depending on who referred you AND what we feel will make you the MOST money, we build your website for you.

We take care of all order processing and fulfillment.

We take care of all the ongoing upgrades.

We make sure it converts.

All you do is send visitors to your website and follow our simple step-by-step training for beginners. To help you get started we give you $375 in free visitors from Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other search engines. We even give you easy training to get FREE visitors to your website using articles, Youtube, and other methods.

A couple of additional questions I thought I would answer for you:

Why Have An Internet Website Business?

Most people have realized that they need to supplement their income in order to provide for themselves and their family's future. Traditional businesses require an investment from $10,000 to $1,000,000 just to get started.

An online internet business can literally be started for under $100 with potential income of as much as a traditional business.

And in the model we set up for you, you just send visitors and get paid each time they either submit a lead or buy something.

If It Is So Easy, Why Isn't Everyone Making Money?

The reason most people do not make money online is that it takes a lot of work to find products that convert, find products that pay top commissions, write a website that converts visitors into buyers, provide fulfillment, design the graphics, and organize a step-by-step training procedure that works.

The great news for you is that we have done all this for you!

All you have to do is activate your Basic or Money Making Website and start earning today.

What Else Do I Get?

Marketing Credits To Start Advertising In Google, Yahoo And Making Sales $375
A Turn-Key Website Worth $2,097
Website Installation Worth $300
Automated Product Fulfillment
Automated Payment Processing
365 Day Money Back Guarantee
Earn More Money
Free Phone Support Worth $299
Easy Control Panel To Edit Your Website
Change Website Anytime
Create Your Own Mailing List
1 On 1 Coaching Consultation
Marketing Guides
Email Support
Instant Website Activation
Professional Help Marketing Your Website
Detailed Website Statistics
Marketing Videos & Tutorials
Advanced Video Training
Custom Newsletters

You also get a $100 signup bonus and a 365-day Money Back Guarantee.

Signup now:

Q2) I DONOT HAVE a Credit card but I will perhaps have a master credit card soon. It will need some time. CAN I JOIN FROM BANGLADESH? (Click bank doesn't have any option of BANGLADESH)

A) You can make money marketing our Money Making Websites from anywhere in the world.

Since you have the choice of being paid for your referrals by PayPal or by international wire (after passing sufficient signups), you can make money from anywhere.


A)Yes, you can join without a credit card.

You can pay via e-gold. To do so, simply send the amount of $97 to this account number: 4179156 lancelivingstonmarketing

Another option is to have a friend, family, or co-worker put the hosting on his/her credit card and then pay them back from your monthly earnings.

You can do the payment via wire too for $112. If you want to pay for hosting via wire, please let us know and we will contact you with the account information to perform the payment.

Another option is to join the affiliate program and make enough money promoting to pay for the hosting of your free money making website.

Q4) How do you pay me money when I earned money in your systems? you will pay me in which currency? IF you give me check how long it will take to reach me?

A) You get paid via check every month for every person that buys being sent by you (from your website). In many cases, you have the option of being paid by PayPal or Wire. You get paid in dollars and paypal or your bank would do the conversion to your currency. Affiliate commissions are paid via paypal for $200 or more or if you live in a country that does not support PayPal, there is the option of an international wire once your balance is $1,000 or more.

Q5) what is the cost to start this business? DO I NEED ANY ADDITIONAL COSTS? Monthly? Detail costing please. Hosting fees is included in your cost?

A) We have 2 options to choose from, you can choose the BASIC package (Free) or the Money Making package. If you are looking to earn a good income online from your new money making website, I highly suggest you choose the Money Making package. (99% of the top income earners use the Money Making package)

The Money Making package is just $8.95 to start (30-day trial). After you sign up, we give you a $100 signup bonus. This includes your $2,079 website, free website installation, toll-free phone support, over 10 website designs to choose from, help with marketing your site, videos and tutorials, plus much more. Then in 30 days after you have had a chance to test out the system, $97 will be charge from Paypal or Credit Card and it covers hosting for a year. Your hosting account includes unlimited domains, emails, bandwidth and a variety of other features. All this is backed with a 365-day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


A) Results do vary. What we can guarantee is the excellent level of support and pre-tested methods that we give you to start with. With just one sale every couple of days, you would be making over $500 a month additional income.

With just one sale a day, you would earn over $1,000 a month! With only 10 sales a day, you would be earning over $10,000 a month.

Q7) How can I earn? WHAT I HAVE TO DO TO EARN MINIMUM 200 USD per day? HOW many hours of work have to be done to earn $200 USD PER DAY? What I have to do in order to earn money?

A) People are earning tens of thousands of dollars a month (or more) with one-page review sites like this. How much you can earn is completely up to you, on how you work and on how much you work. To earn money all you have to do is sign up!

Q8) Can I get some assistance from you when required? DO YOU HAVE CHATTING facilities?

A) We have clients around the world and thousands and thousands of happy people with our email and chat support (when available). We have found that members and affiliates are able to get correct, efficient, and effective answers via our online email ticketing and live chat affiliate management system.

Q9) Please give your full COMPANY address with phone, mobile, fax, e-mail account. Company ID number (VALID COMPANY ID) AND OTHER benevolent INFORMATION. WHO IS THE OWNER OF THE COMPANY? How many people work in your company? What is your main website full address?( please answer this questions actively giving all information required)?

A) Top Tier Solutions
12707 High Bluff Dr. Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92130
Toll Free: (877)456-0220 | International Callers: (310)492-4028

Q10) can you sent some people's E-MAIL ADDRESS to verify this program? Are you a valid company? Please send your valid ID OR VALID documentation. Which authority gave you permission to work online/offline?

A) Because of our privacy policy we can not give you the emails address of our customers. What we can do is showing you some of the pages, reviews and testimonies from our customers. You can go to
and watch the videos.
PLEASE go and do the sign up here ( MAIN WEBSITE)

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