Sunday, May 31, 2009

5 Marketing Tactics For Tough Times

Are you feeling skeptical about making money or a living online during this rocky economic period? Well don't be! With the right advertising tactics, an economic downturn can actually provide opportunities for online marketers! Now more than ever, customers are relying on the Internet to help them make the best purchasing decisions during tight times. Today I am providing you with 5 great tips to help you make more sales during a recession.

Focus your ads on low prices and savings. Consumers care about prices more than ever, especially on day-to-day purchases. Half of consumers believe they'll find the best deals online. Update your ad text to focus on low prices, good values, and promotions
Use value-related keywords. Consumers are actively searching for deals. To target these users, add appropriate "price and discount related" keywords. Try the Adwords Search based Keyword tool and Search Query Performance report to generate new and higher-performing ideas. Example "discount", "coupon", or "savings".
Ensure that your articles or ad groups are targeted and relevant. Ads or articles perform best when the ad copy mirrors the keywords, so make sure that each ad group focuses on a specific topic or product. That way, you can have tightly themed keyword lists with ads that reflect those themes. For instance, an article or ad group about "tennis sneakers" will generally perform better than a broader ad group/article about "sneakers".
Don't waste money on irrelevant clicks (For Paid Advertisers Only). Sometimes keyword lists can attract people who are looking for products you don't offer. Use negative keywords to filter out traffic that's not related to your business. The Search Query Performance report can help you identify potential negative keywords by showing which queries have triggered your ads.
Make it easy for customers to buy. Since people are spending more time comparing products and services online, make it easier for them to buy from your site in particular. Send visitors directly to the page that describes the product or service in your ad or article.
Don't be afraid to start using paid advertising, such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Search Marketing. Right now people are shopping online more than ever. If you feel that your article marketing is not making the kind of money that you would like to see, then learn how to do paid advertising. The best place for you to learn how to do paid advertising step-by-step is at MONEY MAKING WEBSITE)

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