Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reveiw of surf site named adventure4u

1. we are a traffic exchange, revenue sharing businsess. you have
to simply purchase ventures and surf 25 sites per day to earn with
2. you can use any of the payment processors we accept. liberty
reserve, solid trust, strict pay,, and
3. you can also send money to us via mail. please read the how to
purchase ventures link on the tools page.
4. we have a payout system and we pay to all processors only
except liberty reserve
5.there is no monthly fee, the minimum to join and earn is $10.
6. you will need to surf 25 sites per day and we pay each week
based on a variable %. so its hard to determine exactly what you
will make each week. we ahve been averaging 10-14% each week.
7. see answer 6
8. we have a support system that you can use to get answeres
9. we dont provide that info. the owner is steve smith, i am joey
his son and we have hannah who helps with support.
10. we are a valid business and we have been in business for over
8 months.

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